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Monday, 21 May 2018


This Cool Google Heatmap Will Show You Where Adsense Ads Work Best

Adsense is used by Publishers across the world - and Google has reported that it shares 68% of the revenue with it's Publishers.
Google does an amazing job at optimizing, but that certainly doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.
Here are Ten Excellent Adsense Optimization Tips.
1) Integrate Adsense In Google Analytics
It is simple to integrate your Google Adsense reports into Google Analytics. This displays your Adsense performance by page. This data is like gold because it allows you to see how specific areas and pages within your site perform in terms of the Adsense CPM. So you can directly see what works and whatdoesn't - and make optimizations based upon that..
2) Drive Traffic To Your Highest CPM Areas
Once you know the Adsense CPM of specific areas of your site - you can then direct more traffic to those higher CPM areas. For instance, if you feature a category of your site on your homepage - you should consider featuring the specific category which produces the highest CPM.
3)Be Aggressive
Google heatmapGoogle has published this heat map to show where adsense ads work best (the darker the area, the higher the click rate).
As you can see, the center middle is by far and away the best performing area. The top of a site, above the nav bar, and the right side, don't perform well. So, remember, as a publisher, you are offering free content. You need to make money to be able to continue to produce high quality content. Have confidence and be aggressive with Adsense.
I would argue that instead of not being aggressive on your landing page - but displaying pop-ups - it is better to be more aggressive with the adsense ads and remove the pop-ups. Adsense does a great job at targeting, so these ads are relevant, so when you are aggressive, you aren't impacting user experience as much as when you are aggressive with other ad networks.
4)Correct Background Color
You always want to have your Adsense ads flow well with your site. The first thing you must do is ensure that the background color of the Adsense matches the background color of the area it is in. If your left menu is dark blue, and you place a 160 x 600 in the left menu - you should make the background of the Adsense ad dark blue so that it fits within your site.
When your Adsense background doesn't match the area it is in - the ad stands out more and it is more likely that the user will ignore your ad and focus on a different area of your site.
5) Horizontal Link Units
Adsense publishers are only allowed 3 Ad units. They are also allowed 3 links units. And while these link units require two clicks to earn income - they can produce. Adsense offers square link units and Horizontal link units. The horizontal units perform well as they can be implemented into your site in a way whereby the ads flow well within your site navigation. If you use the 728 x 15 - for instance, the Ads by Google text is all the way on the left - so these link units can fit well within your site and add value for the user.
6) Keep Link Unit Results Page in White
When you create a link unit ad - you want the ad to match the background area of the page it is on. However, for the results page - of the link unit - you will want it to be plain white. Remember, this second page, is basically sponsored ads search results - so you'll want it to be clean and simple for the user. So, if your link unit has a black background - you don't want your results page to have a black background - so when creating the link unit - you should uncheck the box that says "Use the same colors on your ad pages."
That way, your results page will be clean and similar to how most search results look across the web.
7)Wrap Your Ads
When you implement ads onto a content site - you'll want to wrap the ads around the content. If you place the ad in a different area than the content, the user can easily skip over the ad and go right to the content. If the ad is wrapped within the content - the user will continue to see the ad as they read your content.
And Google Ads are relevant - so the longer they look at your ad - the more likely they are to click on it.
8) Don't Waist Ads on Small Units
Remember, you only get 3 ad units per page. So you shouldn't waist one of your 3 ad units on one of Google's smaller units. These small units can't optimize as well as there is less space in the unit, and users are much less likely to click on one of these smaller ad units.
So, don't waist one of your 3 ads on something that isn't going to make an impact on your revenue.
9)Use Adsense for Search
Adsense for search is an awesome solution. It gives you an easy way for you to implement a search box on your site which lets users search for pages within site. Plus, you can implement Adsense ads above or to the right of the search results so you can make money off of these searches as well.
This is a clear way to boost the user experience of your site while also generating added income. Plus, using Adsense for search doesn't count as one of your 3 Adsense units or Link units.
10) Consider Applying For Adsense For Search Ads Only
If you have search results on your site which aren't Google search results, Adsense for Search Ads Only is an amazing solution.
So, if you have your own search technology or site structure, which displays results directly on your site, you can publish Adsense for Search Ads Only directly above your internal search results. This is a custom solution that requires approval, so if you feel you are a fit for this solution, you can apply for it. Google has published a lot of helpful information regarding these Custom Search Ads.

5 Simple Meta Description Tips to increase Organic Traffic

5 Simple Meta Description Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

5 Simple Meta Description Tips to Increase Organic Traffic
1. Write Unique Meta Descriptions for Each Page
Google loves unique meta descriptions.
This is what the company says about good meta descriptions:
“Wherever possible, create descriptions that accurately describe the specific page. Use site-level descriptions on the main home page or other aggregation pages, and use page-level descriptions everywhere else.”
Having unique meta descriptions is even more important for all the critical pages on your website, such as the home page, category pages, product pages, and top performing blog posts.
So be sure to put some effort into creating a unique meta description for each page.
2. Use Action-Oriented Copy
You should treat each meta description as a call-to-action. Try to use action-oriented language in your meta description which informs the user what they can expect by visiting your page. Consider using proven CTA words such as “explore”, “discover”, “get started”, or “sign up free”.
Here’s an example of a meta description that uses action-oriented copy:
Yoast Meta Description Example
3. Use Your Focus Keywords
Make sure your meta description includes focus keywords for that page. Use keywords that are relevant to your page’s content, but ensure that you don’t stuff your meta description with keywords. Use just the right amount of keywords and aim at persuading the user to click on the link.
Here’s a meta description example from Moz that leverages the focus keywords – “link building tips”:
Moz Meta Description Example
If your meta description doesn’t align with your page’s content, then Google will be forced to use the first sentence with the keyword in the meta description column. Such meta descriptions are often out of context and do nothing to improve your CTR.
4. Leverage the (New) Character Limit
For a long time, the SEO best practice was to keep your meta descriptions within 156 characters. All that changed when Google announced the new character limit for snippets and meta descriptions. Now the recommended length for a meta description is between 300-320 characters.
This change doesn’t mean you need to revisit your old posts and change meta descriptions. Sometimes, shorter meta descriptions make more sense than longer ones.
But just be cognizant of the new limit while writing your meta descriptions to take full advantage of it wherever necessary.
5. Copy PPC ads
Most advertisers optimize their PPC ads for maximum clicks. So it goes without saying that you can learn a lot by taking a look at your competitors’ PPC ads.
This is where a software like SEMrush can help by allowing you to take a sneak peak into your competitors’ PPC ad strategies, including ad copies.
If you have an active SEMrush subscription, you can follow the tips below. If you don’t, then we recommend you sign up for a free 14-day trial of SEMrush Pro. You can do so by clicking here.
Here’s how you can analyze your competitors’ ad copies on SEMrush:
Login to your SEMrush dashboard and enter your target keywords in the search box. In this example, I’ve used “online advertising” as my target keywords.
SEMrush will return with an overview of the keywords. Scroll down to check out the ad copies which are currently live for the target keywords.
PPC Ad Copies - SEMrush
But for a more detailed report, click on the ‘Ads History’ menu tab to see the ad copies used by various domains in the last 12 months for the target keywords.
This analysis will give you a fair idea as to how to create a meta description that generates maximum clicks.
Side note: SEMrush is a powerful online marketing software that can help you with SEO and PPC. Read our full review of the software, or start your 14 day free trial to test it out for yourself!
You can help your website stand out in search engine result pages (SERPs) by optimizing your meta descriptions. Use the meta description tips outlined here to improve your CTR, traffic, and conversions.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Moving Companies in Lagos

Moving Companies In Lagos 
Moving can be strenuous and stressful whether it is Home or Office relocation Movers have made it possible to eliminate this stress, save time and make it easy and safe, Today we have Professional moving companies trained to enable safe moving of large Items. Moving by yourself could seem better to you, but also think of the condition of your large items, without the right tools and experience or training, these items can get damaged through the process of packing, questioning and probably harassments from the Road Officials which could lead to extra fining for overload and your vehicle could possibly breakdown due to the weight of the heavy items.

Professional movers pay an important role to one of the most daunting tasks which is moving the heavy items, the refrigerator/freezer, the Generator, Air conditioning system and furniture, this can probably make an average car break down and if not handled with care these items can also break or have issues, but professional movers make use of modern day tools such as lifting straps, stair rollers, glides and furniture dolly that will enable safe moving of large items.
With movers who have professional experience and ojwn and maintain several trucks routinely to guarantee greatest execution and reduce the probability of a truck breakdown or disappointment. 
If there is a breakdown during inter-state move,  Movers have partners in several states and you need not worry, the situation will be sorted out in case of any failure.
So Whether It is fragile or heavy items, Bad roads are not in question to damage your heavy items. With moving companies, you won’t be harassed by road officials about your load, mainly you just have to sit back and they’d sort everything out from packing, transporting and arranged unpacked delivery. Save yourself the stress, the time, and even damages.
There are lots of Movers or Moving Companies in Nigeria, but there are 
Top 4 moving companies in Lagos that are mostly used and highly recommended by Clients;

HOUSE MOVERS IN LAGOS Express movers is one of the best moving companies in lagos Nigeria and have shown that moving can be As fast and stress-free as possible, Get your own specific quote based on the inventory and an agreement is made, swift and simple, avoid insults, embarrassment, extra fines, move fast neatly and easily with payment based on your luggage, With happy clients ranging from 9mobile, Konga, IPC events, DSTV,, and hosts of others. Their Services are categorized in four:
Residential/Local Movers: this is relocation within a state with a network of more than 50 local moving agents. They offer full range of local moving services within Lagos including full packing and setup services.
Interstate/Long Distance Move: moving across states, the truck that holds your Holdings is tracked with GPS, so they know the location of your belongings.
Commercial/Office move: save time and money on corporate moving without compromising service or quality, regardless of your company’s size or needs. Only matters on the inventory take and size or quantity of items/ goods.
Inventory/Equipment Move: With so many responsibilities at work from planning an event to making sure everything goes without a hitch, it could be really stressful. Let Express movers handle the logistics of moving your equipment’s like Speakers, Instruments, Chairs, tables etc.

Move Monkey: Move Monkey is a moving company in lagos specializes in Home and Office Relocation, they give you access to personalize the entire move to suit your peculiar needs, timescale and Budget whether a local move or across states, Move monkey also offer access to a wide range of dedicated furniture storage options through their network of reliable partners to ensure that they have your relocation needs covered end-to-end and remain your one-stop moving company. MoveMonkey provides tailored move planning services which are totally flexible and dictated to your unique business type or office, ensuring that all health and safety practices are understood and followed, including adequate risk assessment to further ensure minimal disruption to workflow.
Gidi Movers: with a capable skilled crew, well equipped trucks and Semi-trucks, specialized tools for weight-lifting, Affordable Pricing, Gidi Movers have helped Lagos families have a stress-free and accurate move and also have Long Distance Move services which helps you move across your state.
Apro Global: Is a moving company in lagos that provides office relocation, Home relocation, having served numerous clients, their wheels without border is one of the criteria that makes them a standard moving company in Nigeria. So whether you got a new house or new office location and you don’t want to stop your-day-to-day activities for the sake of moving Apro Global ensures a smooth and worry free move, with a team of Professionals to get the Job done in the most expert and friendly manner.

There are lots of moving companies in lagos, Nigeria out there but before engaging with any first research and understand the terms of their moving services and policies so as to know if it suits your move and your Budget. Wether you are moving within a state or from/to another state. These companies will make the transition easy for you

Saturday, 5 May 2018


Off page SEO is nothing but improving your website positions in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It tells Google what others think about your site. Based on the links that you have on your site, search engine assumes that you have great content.Let’s dive into the details for more info on off page search engine optimization.
  • Get Authority Backlinks
You know, without backlinks, it’s impossible to rank on first page search results.
Backlinks are the most important off-page SEO factor when it comes to content marketers and bloggers. Because search engines trust your website more if your site has any authoritative relevant backlinks.
When Google looks for fresh content, it indexes your new pages and makes it available for search users. When relevant search queries are triggered, Google uses some algorithm facts to determine whose pages will rank. This we call as Google ranking factors in SEO terminology.
Here are the most important factors that Google considers while ranking:
  • The number of linking domains. The number of domains linking to your site is one of the most important ranking factors
  • Page rank of a linking page. The links from the high page rank website is considered more than the links from low PR pages. Yes, try to get links from high PR pages.
  • The number of linking page. It is always recommended to have more links from individual domains rather than from a single domain.
  • Authority of linking domain. A link from low pagerank page on a high pagerank site is better than from a low pagerank one.
  • Count number of dofollow links. As Google officially stated that it won’t count nofollow links while ranking, it considers dofollow links.
  • Contextual links. The links within the content of the page are worth more than the links in a sidebar.
  • Links from homepage. The links from a homepage of a linking domain carry more strength than those on one of its pages.
  • Link relevancy. The links from pages related to your pages topic carry more relevancy for search engines.
Google views your website as more valuable than others if you have many backlinks from authoritative websites. Google analyzes the questions about links like, where does the link comes from?, quality of the link, how fresh the link is? Etc..
How to get those authoritative links?
#1. Guest blogging: No doubt, guest blogging takes you so far and helps a lot in acquiring great links The only challenging task here is, you need to do a lot of research about the topic. After that, you need to find out the top blogs in your niche and submit your pitch. If they accept and yes your article gets published.
#2. Broken link building: To earn the links, this method is pretty much faster than guest blogging. Do you know, lots of links on some authority blogs are actually dead. If hosting expires, during file transfer or migration of the sites, links are bound to break.
The one good point is broken pages don’t affect your site’s ranking. But it does give bad experience to user. If your customer service is bad, then 85% of your business could be lost according to the Sacramento Design Network.
So, conduct a backlink analysis on your niche websites. Find broken links, contact the owner and let them know about their dead links. There are chances that they will do a return favour by including your link on their website or you can offer replacement link too.
#3. Create compelling infographics: It always gives impressive results provided they are created with great information. If you have budget to afford, you can use Canva for professional infographic designers.
If you want to attract huge number of audience and acquire authoritative back links, then infographics works the best. Because, the ideal customers respond to visual content better than the plain text.
Infographics goes viral if you give sufficient promotion to it. When people share your infographics, it continuously generates organic traffic to your blog.
  • Improve Your Social Media Signals
Social is the NEW SEO. Here’s the image that tells you how social media impacts your SEO.

Know your target audience by engaging more on social media. By contributing regularly to discussions, you will understand where your audience hang out more and at what time.
Because these days people don’t just go to Google for everything. Yes, social media is the new SEO. They use social media channels to look for what they want. So, you also need to consider the search that happens on social media.
If someone wants to know more about your brand, they check your presence on Twitter, Facebook and of course other social media channels. Share your content in the form of content or images or video. Join related groups in Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and share the content there too. It helps in connecting with potential users.
Users go for Quora more to get right answer rather than Google or Bing. Make the best use of it. Post your content in the relevant sections or threads in the Quora. One important note to remember here is, never do any promotion on this platform. Write really useful answers to the questions related to your niche and give your blog link at the end of the answer.
Here are some interesting stats that gives how much people are using social media for searching any query.
In a study conducted by comScore, Twitter handle 19 billion search queries a month as of 2010, Google around 88 billion search queries a month and Bing 4.1 billion search queries per month. In 2012, Facebook mentioned that it’s getting 1 billion search queries per day.
Social media presence helps to grow your business and gets you more backlinks. The web is for building relationships, expressing and sharing ideas, helping each other with useful and helpful information.
  • Save Your Site From Google Penalties
If you want to sustain your site’s ranking position, backlinks are really important. But links affect the search performance either in the better way or makes worse.
Backlinks have the strongest impact on search engines. It is very important to save your site from Google penalties because recovering from penalties is very difficult. Google mainly focusses on user optimization and valuable content.
How to stay away from Google penalty radar?
Perform full backlink analysis and it helps to analyze which links are good and which are bad. Here is how you can ensure that your site is free from getting penalized.
1. Perform site audit: You can use tools like SEMrush for finding and fixing website SEO related issues. You can find out all the reasons why your site is not ranking well on Google. That being said, I’ve written an in-depth tutorial on how to conduct an SEO audit using SEMrush.
2. Optimize your content: Content is the king always. You may not use right keywords but if it looks too promotional then nothing can stop it from going viral. Help your audience by creating useful and helpful content. Use visuals in your post, integrate data into your blog posts. Your audience tries to know more about you if you really give them valuable content.
3. Use different keyword phrases: Once you are done with full backlink analysis and understands from where links are coming, focus on using different keyword phrases, generic content and brand names in your content so that Google considers your links as natural. Which means your links shouldn’t have exact match keywords in their anchor texts.
One tip is to use your brand name as anchor text because anyone can share your content and link to it. You can’t control your anchor texts so use your brand name. Make sure you always publish fresh content to enhance your brand in the online world.
  • Contribute To Other Sites
In the world of SEO, guest blogging is very common.
What you get by contributing to other sites?
  • It helps to build your authority.
  • It can bring you lot of referral traffic.
  • It helps in building links.
While writing guest posts for other sites, don’t link too much to your site. It spoils your relationship with the site owner. Even if you are writing guest post for others, give really awesome content. Low quality guest posting brings extra trouble to you.
Here are the few things you need to keep in mind before you guest post on other sites:
  • Collect list of all sites related to your niche that accepts guest posts.
  • Set up an excel sheet and write each site’s home page domain authority (DA), guest posting guidelines etc.
  • To get more guest posting opportunities related to your niche, type in google with these search strings. “Your seed Keyword” + “guest post” or “intitle: guest post guidelines”.
  • Search on all social media platforms. For example, head over to Twitter page and in search box, you can give “your keyword” + “guest post”. Seriously, it shows you more opportunities than Google search engine.
  • So, you have list of all sites that accepts guest posts. Now, it’s time to know which of these sites bring you more traffic. Go to, and enter the domain of that site where you want to write guest post. This site gives you general idea about site’s popularity.
  • To check more about your guest posting site, observe their blog comments on posts. It gives you information whether site is active or not, up-to-date with current information.
  • Go to blog social analyzer, and submit the RSS feed of the site you want to guest post. This is to know the number of social shares that site’s recent posts have. If they have more tweets or shares, there are good chances that your post also will have.
  • Now, it’s time to write an amazing guest post. If you have a topic in your mind, linktally.comwill tell you how well the post is going to perform.
  • Another way to determine topic for your guest post is to check which pages has more backlinks. For this, go to open site explorer, and enter the site’s URL. Click on “Top pages” tab and check what pages have high Page Authority (PA).
Submit To Directories And Forums
Off page SEO helps you to make your website more popular on the Internet. To get more visibility, submit your stuff to directories and forums. Here are the sites where you can submit your blog content to enhance more visibility.
  • Social bookmarking sites: These are the best platforms to promote your stuff. When you post on popular social bookmarking sites, it helps in gaining more traffic to your blog.
  • Submit to forums: Make sure that you participate in each forum related to your niche and build connections with community. Make the best use of do-follow forums.
  • Blog directory submission: It helps to build quality backlinks. It takes time to get better results but it definitely helps in long run. Select a proper category under each directory and start submitting your posts.
  • Article submission sites: It is always good to submit the articles to high page rank directories. If you submit low quality content and has more keyword stuffing, then your article gets rejected. So, create highly unique content.
  • Question and answer sites: You will get good amount of high traffic from question and answer websites. Join those sites and search for questions related to your niche, give helpful answer to any question. Don’t forget to give your blog link at the end of the answer. You can use the sites like Yahoo answers, Quora, blurtit etc.
  • Share your videos to these sites: If you are a vblogger or any other, submit to these sites to make your videos popular. It is one of the ways to get quality backlinks.
  • Image submission sites: Make sure you optimize your images with the correct URL, title tag before submitting to these sites.
  • Submit your infographics: Make really impressive infographics and submit to these sites. Give reference link to your website.
  • Share to document sites: Create documents related to your niche.Make sure you create unique and helpful pdf or ppt.
All the sites mentioned here have high Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA). No doubt, off-page SEO gives better ranking to your website in Google search


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