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Friday, 22 December 2017

Why Blogging is an Indefeasible Part Of A Successful Business

Why Blogging is an Indefeasible Part Of A Successful Business

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If we go by the definition a blog
“A website on which an individual or group of users record opinion, information etc. on a regular basis”What is the value in blogging for a business? The opinion and information about a business should be hosted on a website. That’s why if you’re an entrepreneur you need to create a business website. The blog comes in addition. Here are a few reasons why you need to start blogging to make your business prosper.
Communicate Different Opinions and Information about your Business
The will serve as a platform to communicate a different type of opinion and information. The reasons for the explosive popularity and growth in blogs are that they made sharing thoughts and ideas easier than ever before. Now that you understand the importance of why you should have a blog for your business to represent your presence online let me tell you my Platform of choice. Ning is the best platform I have ever used for my social platform creation.
Ning makes it really easy for you to create your blog from scratch. It is known as world’s largest SaaS platform for creating social networking websites. It is a solid and convenient platform for creating a website, blog or network where you can publish your news updates, videos, pictures, articles, discuss topics in the forum. Ning makes it really easy for you to manage your thousands of followers. They can all interact and continue to grow your network. Ning enables you to serve your community and business in the best way possible.
Unlimited Traffic from Search Engines
Think about that one friend that most of us have if you tell them something they will go out and they will tell everybody that’s the way a blog works. There is something called pinging, and what happens is every time you create a new blog or update a blog that you have already created your blog pings these online directories. It pings that you have new information and content and these directories are used by the major search engines to return results when somebody does a search. So, you can see how that works. If you have an updated blog your business will get unlimited continuous traffic from different search engines.
Increase your SEO/ SERP with Blogging
According to Huffington Blogging is huge for your business when it comes to search engine optimization and SERP. All search engines including Google will rank websites that are putting out content with relevant keywords. Every business can have a web site for business but a blog is an extra step to increase your SEO.
So, if you just get the best website builder for small business and put up a website without a blog your website and keywords will kind of just dwindle and die. If you don’t have Blog and content google won’t even care if you have keywords on your site. Whereas if you are consistently putting out content Google is consistently having to index your website for new keywords
Blogging Increases Your Relevance and Professionalism
Creating a website for your business is necessary for any business if they want to service these days. But in addition to the website blog will make your website look more professional and relevant. So, if someone comes to your website and there is not any current content or it’s been a few months since you last blogged. You’re going to look less serious and professional about your business. If you’re blogging continuously as a whole you’re increasing your ability to be seen as an expert.
Blogging Will Help Grow Your Email List
Your business doesn’t need just a random, you need to be doing it strategically. Not just posting latest wedding you photographed or what’s new at your store but writing blogs that appeal to your audience. If your readers will like your content you will give them a reason to opt in to your email list. We all know that the business profit is in the list so if you are consistently blogging you will grow your email list and then eventually your profit.
This all kind of works together with blogging you are increasing your SEO, traffic, profit and brand value. Your blog can be a super valuable tool for your business. Every single business can earn more money by having a consistently relevant and strategic blog strategy included in their business plan.
Blogging is more than getting backlinks from high authority websites this is such a micro-publishing platform that can change your business drastically. According to the experts, it is the best marketing tool by an order of magnitude your business can ever has. You’re the expert in your business, you know your market, you know your clients and that’s all you really need for blogging. Your business has a voice, find that voice and put it out there so, everyone else can hear what you have to say about your business!

Blogging the eruv

Legal cases roll slowly.
There are motions and countermotions. Pleadings and replies. Stipulations and deadlines.
Each legal finding matters. Each carefully, expensively drafted legal document provides some clues about the case’s ultimate outcome.
But until the day comes when a verdict is issued or a settlement agreed to, it’s hard to say which of the moves on the legal chessboard constitute news.
Which is to say: a weekly paper can’t always provide up-to-the-minute reporting on the three lawsuits filed by the Rockland County eruv organization against three northwest Bergen County towns who want to keep the eruv out.
Luckily, for those readers who want to follow the day-by-day unspooling of the controversy, there is EruvLitigation.com.

Keith Kaplan is the man behind the website. He also maintains a Facebook page, Eruv Litigation, which features, among other things, a livestream of relevant Mahwah council meetings.
Mr. Kaplan is not a lawyer. He lives in Teaneck, where he is on the township planning board.
His entry into the world of eruv controversy came in July.
“One of my friends asked me, ‘Have you been following what’s going on with the eruv?,’” he said. “I had absolutely no clue what she was talking about. I looked into it and I was shocked at some of the things that were going on.”
Among those things were an online petition calling on Mahwah to reject the eruv, along with open comments on the petition. “I saw the things they were saying about Jews,” he said. “Calling them disgusting and dirty. It blew my mind.”
So he decided to see what was going on.
“I asked a couple of friends if anyone was interested in seeing what was happening at the Mahwah council meeting. In late July, we went up and were floored by the hate and vitriol that were in that room.
“The following week we went to Upper Saddle River,” the town next to Mahwah that is battling against the eruv separately. “The crowd and administration had a very different stance. The attorney for the eruv litigation was there at the council, tamping down expectations. He explained that it was an uphill climb,” given that no court has yet ruled against an eruv. “It sort of tamped down the craziness in the room.”

A PVC pipe attached to a telephone pole in Upper Saddle River, helps form the eruv. (Ben Sales)
By contrast, he said, “In Mahwah we saw the same fear being amplified by the people in power.”
But while Kaplan and his friends from Teaneck — among them Councilman Mark Schwartz — were greeted with hostility by some Mahwah residents, others brought curiosity to the conversation. They wanted to know more about what an eruv is, and why their efforts to keep it out of their town were meeting so much resistance.
So EruvLitigation has a FAQ page, answering questions such as: What is an eruv? Who pays for the eruv? If you put up an eruv, can you put up crosses or other religious symbols? How much can eruv lawsuits cost? Who pays for them?
Then Mr. Kaplan started compiling copies of the court filings in all the litigation — the suits by the eruv committee against the towns of Upper Saddle River, Mahwah, and Montvale; the lawsuit by the state attorney general against Mahwah, and even the geographically distant but conceptually related lawsuit by the Orthodox Agudath Israel organization against Jackson Township in Ocean County.
And then he started filing his own Open Public Records Act requests. That got him hundreds of pages of township emails. “It was a way to let people see the information,” he said. “From the hits I’ve gotten on the website, thousands each week, clearly people are looking at it.”
He has friends who monitor the court filings on their Bloomberg terminals and keep him updated. He’s comfortable reading legal documents, though he is not a lawyer. He’s not as comfortable writing about the Jewish laws concerning an eruv. “I don’t know much about the halachot of eruvin. I use one. I certainly would not be able to tell you where it was if my life depended on it.

Keith Kaplan livestreams Mahwah council meetings on his Eruv Litigation Facebook page.
“When I went to create the FAQ, I went to my brother, who is an Orthodox rabbi in Oregon, and the rabbi of my shul.”
So what motivates him? Why run the website? Why go to Mahwah for council meetings, only to be booed when he tries to speak?
The answer, he said, comes in two parts.
“One part is that my family came here in the 1940s, in the middle of World War II, and then immediately started giving back. My grandfather was in the navy and army. He fought Nazis toward the end of the war.
“One of the first things my grandmother did when she had enough money was to get framed paintings of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence being signed. They hang in the office and my home.
“When I saw people being denied the right to move and the right to associate guaranteed in the Constitution, that got to me,” he said.
That’s the first part.
The second part came from Mahwah’s defense of its anti-eruv ordinance. “One of the reasons they gave as to why these ordinances are okay is that no one complained when the neighboring towns passed almost the same ordinance,” Mr. Kaplan said. “Mahwah wanted to pass the ordinance that Upper Saddle River passed.
“Why wasn’t it discrimination in Upper Saddle River? It probably was, but no one saw it. The Mahwah council president said it’s okay because other people did it before. If it’s okay in Mahwah, it will be okay in the next town and the next town and maybe my town.
“That’s why I had to show up. It’s not okay to exclude people. It was not okay in the 1800s when it was done to the Chinese, it was not okay in the 1970s when blacks and Hispanics were excluded in Mahwah by zoning.
“It’s not okay, and someone needs to say so. I’m very glad there’s a core group of people who have been showing up with me and have my back in that regard,” Mr. Kaplan said.

Cowboys Q&A: 5 Qs, 5 As with Blogging the Boys

The Seahawks and Cowboys are essentially getting into a playoff game where neither team might make the playoffs. Seattle and Dallas both need this win to stay alive for the postseason, and the Seahawks have the added bonus of trying to at least finish the season with a reminder that they’re usually good.
To find out if the Cowboys are as good — or as bad — as usual, I sent 5 Qs to Dave Halprin from Blogging the Boys, and in kind he sent me 5 As that corresponded to the Qs.
Q: I think a lot of Russell Wilson fans could have been threatened by the success of Dak Prescott's rookie season, but I was highly supportive and praising of Dak in 2016 -- and I am rarely non-skeptical about quarterbacks! This season has still been pretty good, especially given injuries to Tyron Smith and the suspension of Ezekiel Elliott, but certainly a noticeable drop in passer rating and yards per pass attempt. How much of "Dak's dip" can be attributed to losing personnel around him and how much of it is a regression to what we should "normally" assume from Dak as a quarterback? Basically, now that you've watched him for 30 games and 885 pass attempts, how good do you think Dak is really? All-Pro, Pro Bowl, or just very good?
A: There are definitely a few different variables at play here. Dak's performance this year has not been on par with last year, but I really think that last year will be an outlier in his career. He had one of the best rookie seasons ever. It was inevitable that his stats would regress back some. The injuries/changes along the o-line along with the suspension of Zeke have played a part. Dak is not the kind of QB who is going to carry a team consistently on his own, he's not like Aaron Rodgers (or even Russell Wilson) where he is a one-man show at times willing his team to victory.
He is normally a very efficient and accurate passer who doesn't turn the ball over a lot. He's gotten away from that for a few stretches this year, but in general he works much better when he's just distributing the ball and letting others shine. That's also part of the problem, the Cowboys receiving corps has some dependable pieces, but they lack dynamic players. Dez Bryant is not the same player he was a few years ago, and Jason Witten is getting slower by the minute. The Cowboys really need to add some "juice" to their offensive weapons besides just Zeke. I think Dak will make Pro Bowls on and off in his career, but he's never going to be the statistical focal point, so he may always be a little in the background since the Cowboys offense is tied so tightly with the running game.
Q: All the focus this week will be the return of Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott is leading the NFL in rush yards/game for the second time in as many years. He did have nine carries for eight yards against the Broncos though -- what happened in that game to stop him so well? Better yet, what was the main cause for getting blown out by a team that has turned out to be kinda crappy?
A: There is no real rhyme or reason for that game. It was a meltdown in all phases of the game. The Cowboys defense couldn't tackle anyone, including Sean Lee who is as sure a bet as there is when he plays. The secondary had some injury issues. The Cowboys were also still mixing in two new pieces along the offensive line (moving La'el Collins to right tackle and using Chaz Green/Jonathan Cooper at left guard) and they just didn't play well as a unit. Basically everything that could go wrong in a game went wrong. There is no logical explanation for why Zeke had such poor stats and why the Cowboys were steamrolled in that game.
Q: I still think the future of the Cowboys will be determined by how well their young defensive players develop, so what's the current development status and reasonable expectation level for these guys: Jaylon Smith, Byron Jones, Jourdan Lewis, and Taco Charlton?
A: Jaylon Smith had a rough start to the season. After making it back to the field after his terrible injury, he just wasn't ready to play as much as Dallas asked him to because of the Anthony Hitchens injury. He was exposed. Lately though, he's looking better in a more limited role. There is still a chance that he could become a good starter, we'll just have to see how much improvement there is over the offseason. Byron Jones is losing playing time because he's just not that good against the run. His real specialty is in coverage, especially with tight ends, so his role is becoming more limited. It's possible his next contract in the NFL is with another team. Jourdan Lewis looks like he's capable of being a regular starter at cornerback, he has played very well for a rookie. In fact, he, Chidobe Awizue and Xavier Woods look like the future of the Cowboys secondary, and that is basically starting to happen right now. Taco Charlton hasn't showed much at all this year. He really is overly-reliant on his spin move and when that doesn't work he doesn't have much else. He needs to work really hard on picking up some additional pass rushing moves in the offseason. He has the body and athleticism to make it happen, but he needs better technique.
Q: Do you expect Anthony Hitchens, David Irving, or Tyron Smith to start? How have their backups done in the absence of those players?
A: It sounds like the Cowboys are optimistic that Hitchens can play, but he didn't practice on Wednesday. If I had to guess I think he will play. If he can't go then Jaylon Smith is the starter and he has been doing better as of late (see above). David Irving is a little bit of a mystery. He's been in concussion protocol for the past couple of weeks and didn't practice again on Wednesday. Generally when concussions start lasting this long you have some real concerns. It's unclear if he will go, and the Cowboys don't have much behind him at defensive tackle. As for Tyron Smith, I think he is unlikely to go. He reportedly has a sprained LCL and that should keep him out for at least a week or two, even if it is mild. Byron Bell will likely start in his place, and he's inconsistent. At times he looks okay, at other times not so good. I would expect the Cowboys to give him a lot of help.
Q: The Cowboys are only 3-4 at home, but 5-2 on the road. Does Dallas play better on the road or is it just small sample size randomness? If the Cowboys win this game and the next one, they could really turn around a 2-3 start to potentially finish 10-6 with a lot of momentum, knowing that their three losses came without Elliott. I'm assuming you feel pretty good about Dallas's future right about now?
A: It's hard to say about the road/home records. They did lose two heart-breakers at home earlier in the season to the Rams and Packers in successive weeks, then just recently they got blown out at home by the Eagles and Chargers without Zeke. If Zeke plays all year, or a play or two goes differently in those two close losses, the records might be a lot different.
As for the future, I do feel pretty good, as long as Dallas recognizes the issues they have. As previously mentioned, they need some dynamic play-makers on offense, and on defense they need to shore up their linebackers and add some quality depth on the defensive line. They have done a nice job of turning over the secondary, something they really needed to do. They still have a great offensive line and they have Dak and Zeke. There are some quality parts to build around and the future does look pretty bright for the franchise

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