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Wednesday, 19 October 2016


International Charity Club (iCharity Club) is an International network of donors. iCharity.Club is a peer-to-peer donation platform for members to help other members in a systematic way. By using this platform, member can give and receive donations from each other. It is open to everybody, anywhere in the world can join this program.
This image describes the concept of member to member donation platform

Difference between icharity Club and other networksThe major difference betweeniCharity.Club and other networks is that iCharity.Club  platform allows members to donate directly to each other (peer-to-peer) while other networks allow members to donate to each other through a central system (peer-to-server). This is why it has been very difficult for people to succeed in other networks being that every payment goes into a central system which further decides who to give, when to give and how to give members money
*Receive Donation in your local currencies.
*No e-Wallet, point system and minimum withdrawal.
*No selling of product.
*Other Members Donate directly to your Bank Account.
*No third party or intermediary (strictly member-to-member).
*Registration into iCharity Club is free.
 1k naira notes
HOW IT WORKSRegister Free by clicking on "Join iCharityClub"

Upgrade your membership by donating an assigned amount to an assigned member  e.g upgrade to Grsde 1 by donating $20 (N6,000) to a Grade 1 member assigned to you a.k.a Your Level 1 Upline.

Receive same amount you donated from each member among assigned number of members e.g receive donations of $20 (N6,000) from each member among 5 members assigned to you a.k.a Your Level 1 Downlines. You will receive a total donation of $100 (N30,000)

Continuously upgrade your membership until you reach Grade 10 e.g upgrade to Grsde 2 by donating $40 (N12,000) to a Grade 2 member assigned to you a.k.a Your Level 2 Upline, then receive donations of $40 (N12,000) from each member among 25 members assigned to you a.k.a Your Level 2 Downlines. You will receive a total donation of $1,000 (N300,000)

 Look at this illustration, every member is expected to give birth to/refer 5 children (new members);
Grade 1: - Donate $20 (N6,000) to your father and receive $20 (N6,000) donation from each of your 5 children, which is totalled $100 (30,000)
Grade 2: - Donate $40 (N12,000) to your grand father and receive $40 (N12,000) donation from each of your 25 grand children, which is totalled $1,000 (300,000)Grade 3: - Donate $80 (N24,000) to your great grand father and receive $80 (N24,000) donation from each of your 125 great grand children, which is totalled $10,000 (3,000,000)See the table bellow for all donations and income.
BONUS: By default, iCharity account is limited to 5 direct downline, which means that your income is limited. If you want to enjoy Unlimited income and Unlimited direct downline, see MORE DETAILS
Join iCharity Club by clicking here      REGISTER

If you have already joined                    LOGIN          

This chart explains the donation amount for each upgrade and donation amount to receive for each grade  
CONVERTION RATE: 1 US Dollar = 300 Naira
 NOTE – You can be in a higher grade and be receiving donations from assigned members for previous upgrades. Example, you can be in Grade 4 and be receiving donations for upgrade to 1, 2 and 3

Membership is graded into 10 grades with exception of free membership. You start as a FREE member and gradually upgrade step-by-step to topmost grade.
HOW TO GET THE 5 DOWNLINESponsor a Zone - •You can sponsor at least one zone here in iCharity Club Nigeria (a Gateway to iCharity Platform) so that when new members join iCharity Club by registering under any zone you sponsored, this new member will become your downline.
Spillover from your upline
 •System automatically places extra referrals by your uplineunder you.
Your own promotion •You will get your own referral URL, you can promote this to friends, families etc. in Facebook, Twitter, Email, YouTube Whatsapp, LINE, Wechat, Telegram and any medium you think suitable. •The more you promote the faster and bigger your earning.
Auto-placement / Random •Auto-placement in the system will place a new member without referral under graded member based on random algorithm and social site promotion.

Log into your iCharity Account=> click on "USER ACCOUNT"=> then click "UPGRADE MEMBERSHIP"=> Click on "OTHER CURRENCIES" and select Nigeria Naira, then copy out the Bank Account details of the member assigned to receive the donation from you=> Convert the donation amount to your local currency and pay the amount into the Bank Account you copied.
STEP 2 (Submit Donation Details)
Log into your iCharity Account=> click on "USER ACCOUNT"=> then click "UPGRADE MEMBERSHIP"=> under "DONATE TO" Select which account you paid into=> under "CURRENCY" select Nigeria Naira=> under "amount" enter the donation amount e.g 6,000 or 12,000 or 24,000 etc=> under "DETAILS" enter the teller number and depositors name=> click "SUBMIT"

Log into your iCharity account, click on "Marketing"=> then Click on "Referral URL" Copy out the link and send it to your friends and family, so that when they join iCharity.Club using this link, they will be placed under you. Also click on "Marketing"=> then Click on "Ads Galary" Choose any Advert of your choice and click on any social network of your choice to post it to friends and family.

Log into your iCharity Account=> click on "DONATIONS"=> then click "PENDING APPROVAL"=> you will see the donation details with "APPROVE" and "DENY"=> click on "APPROVE" you will be prompted to confirm your action by clicking "OK"
Members should refer at least five (5) friends and family members into iCharity Club so as to increase donors. NOTE - when there are no Free members upgrading to Grade 1, there will be no Grade 1 members, also when there are no Grade 1 members upgrading to Grade 2, there will be no Grade 2 members and so on

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


It’s known that one of the best ways of generating passive income for yourself is by monetizing your blog or website. All the hard work that you put in to make your website popular, not only pays off, but also keeps earning you money month after month.
There are several types of website advertisements that you can experiment with, each having its own set of benefits and limitations.
There are ads which pay you for clicks, and ones that pay you for actual purchases. There are ads which pay you for number of videos played, and there are even ads which reward you for successful email collection from the visitor.
In our experience, unless you have a highly dedicated readership and a great click-through rate, the best ads to run are ones which pay your for impressions. Also known as CPM, these ads pay your for every thousand people that your website serves the ad to.
For websites that attract a lot of visitors, CPM ads can prove to be very lucrative despite lower payouts when compared to CPC and CPA ads.


UberCPM is one of the fastest growing CPM ad networks thanks to their instant site approvals and 80% revenue share for publishers. If you have ever had difficulty being accepted by other networks, UberCPM will approve you instantly as long as your site complies with their publisher rules.
UberCPM is an ad exchange platform that puts your inventory on the biggest ad exchanges around, allowing multiple advertisers to bid on your site. For some publishers, they can achieve up to a $10 eCPM thanks to this process, while other sites may receive very few bids. It’s best to allow 4-5 days for your eCPM rates to optimize and for advertisers to review your site.

Publishers enjoy monthly payouts by
PayPal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer, real-time stats, 24/7 support and clean ads that are safe to run alongside Google AdSense.
If you are a small to medium sized publisher who wants to supplement their AdSense income or is having difficulty getting their site approved by other networks, UberCPM may be the right choice for you.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

How to verify USA adsense ACCOUNT FROM NIGERIA

This tutorial is meant for those who have an unverified Adsense account from countries like UK and USA which they would want to verify. Yes you can apply for an adsense account from any country provided if you are not in breach ofGoogle Adsense TOS.

How to verify

Before Google Adsense send out payment to its publishers, they must have verified their Adsense account to protect the security of their account. 

So if you have a USA or UK Adsense account but don't know how to verify it from Nigeria, today i will reveal to you how you can receive your USA or UK Adsense account verification PIN here in Nigeria and verify your account successfully. So just keep reading.

Here is a step by step guide on how to verify your USA or UK Adsense account here in Nigeria.

==> First you need a US or UK address where Google will send your verification PIN to. If you have a relation in the USA or UK who can forward the PIN to you in Nigeria, then that's good.

==> Otherwise, you will need the services of this proxy/third party company called Shoptomydoor.com.

==> Register with shoptomydoor.com and they will generate a unique virtual address from the country you selected.

==> Then supply that virtual address they gave you to your Google Adsense that is where your verification PIN will be sent to. The virtual address will look similar to the one shown below.

Jeremiah Hagher Zenda
12012 Westbrae Parkway #B
Houston, - 76031

==> That is the address you will enter in your Google Adsense account for them to sent your verification PIN to. You will also have to provide your own Nigerian Address where shoptomydoor.com will then send your received mail to you for a fee. I prefer the Post Box Address.

==> Shoptomydoor will notify you via mail or call your phone number when they receive your mail from Google Adsense. You will then have to make payment before they will ship the mail to your Nigerian Address where upon receiving it, you will need to use it to verify your Adsense account.

This is how your Google Verification Pin mail will look like.

Google verification PIN

Note: You can also use this method to receive your ClickBank Check from UK but do not use USA because of TAX information issues.

==> Payment can be done via your Nigerian ATM card. MasterCard, Visa etc are accepted.


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