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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

ntel data subscription

Ntel data plans for Android, IPhone And PCAs it goes with ntel network, their data plansworks on all device and goes like this.N1200 unlimited for just 3 daysN3000 unlimited for 7 daysN10000 unlimited for a month.By looking at these ntel data plans, itonly favourthe public users like those who owns a CyberCafe or related to. For a private user, this is costlyunless you are a high salaried earner,and withall the hype and high expectation about ntel, stillthey didn’t offer anything cheap. Well some people seems to be enjoying it especially theN10000 a month unlimited without any complain.I pray when it gets to my location, they willreduce their data plans and by then mtn will belaunching their own 4G LTE Network.Okay guyswill you be be going for this ntel Unlimited dataplans if it reaches your location?.

how to unblock a blocked sim card without puk

it seems many friends have blocked their simcards and they're looking for solutions on how tounblockit. Here is the solutions on how to unblock your simcard. It is very Simple and Easy...So, Let's Start to Unlock Your Sim CardJust insert the blocked sim inside a phone, Switch off the phone and remove the sim from the phone.Insert the blocked sim in the phone again and switch on the phone.Then press this code :-*22233421#.After that press the new pin you wish.That's all..

Thursday, 19 May 2016

how to upgrade from Windows xp to Windows 7

Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 can be a chore. Windows 7will notautomatically upgrade from XP, which means that you have to uninstall Windows XP before you can install Windows 7. And yes, that’s just about as scary as it sounds.Moving to Windows 7 from Windows XP is a one-way street — you can’t return to your old version of Windows.Don’t follow these instructions unless you’re sure you’re ready for Windows 7.1.Run Windows Easy Transfer on your Windows XP PC.For best results, transfer your files and settings to a portable hard drive. Then unplug the portable drive and set it aside for later.2.Rename your Windows XP drive.This step isn’t necessary, but it helps to keep things straight later. Click Start→My Computer, and then right-click your C drive. Choose Rename, typeXP, and press Enter.3.Insert the Windows 7 DVD and restart your PC.Your PC should boot directly from the Windows 7 DVD, but you might have to press a key to tell your PC to boot from the DVD drive.4.Click Next.This will install everything in English, including menu language, keyboard layout, and currency symbols.5.Click the Install Now button.6.Read the License Agreement, select the I Accept the License Terms check box, and click Next.7.Choose Custom (Advanced) —notUpgrade.The Custom option lists your PC’s partitions and/or drives.8.Click your Windows XP drive, click Drive Options (Advanced), click Format, and click OK to approve the format process. Then click Next.Clicking Format completely erases everything on the XP drive. There’s no going back after you finish this step, so makesureyou’ve backed up all your files.9.After the formatting is complete, click Next.Windows 7 begins installing itself on your old Windows XP drive. It should take about 10 to30 minutes.10.Type your product key and click Next.The product keyusually lives on a little sticker affixed to theCD’s packaging.If you’re reinstalling a version of Windows 7 that came pre-installed on your PC, look for the product key printed on a sticker affixed to the side or back of your PC.11.Enter your user name and a name for your PC and click Next.These names can be anything you want.12.Type and retype a password, then type a password hint, andthen click Next.The password hint should be a phrase that reminds you of your password but doesn’t give it away.13.Choose Use Recommended Settings.This allows Windows to visit the Internet to update itself with security patches, warn you of suspicious Web sites, check for troubleshooting information, and send technical information to Microsoft to fine-tune Windows’ performance.14.Confirm the time and date settings and then click Next.Windows 7 usually guesses these correctly.15.If you’re connected to a network, choose your PC’s location.Windows 7 gives you options: Home, Work, or Public. This setting dictates the security level, so be sure to choose correctly.Congratulations — you’re technically now a member of Windows 7 set. However, before you get too comfortable there are a couple more things you should do.*.Use Windows Update.Visit Windows Update and download any security patches and updated drivers issued by Microsoft.*.Make sure that Windows 7 recognizes your software.Run your old programs to make sure that they still work. If they don’t,drop by the manufacturer’s Website to see whether they offer free updates or patches.*.Check the user accounts.Make sure that your PC’s user accounts work correctly.

Monday, 16 May 2016

How To Share Simple Servern Psiphon Connection via Hotspot

Normally, the Android tethering and hotspot most times refuses to allow other devices to access and share yourfree internet data connection, therefore the 3 most reliable ways of creating, sharing or tethering your internet connection will be outlined here from the easiest (use of an app onWi-Fi) to the hardest (manually configuring your hotspot).How to share or tether your internet connection via hotspot with the use of an app(ISWAT TETHER UNLOCK:Rooting Required)

1.Make sure your hotspot is switched off to start with
2.Download and install ISWAT Tether Unlock for android here
3.Run the installed ISWAT app and grant it root permissions.
4.On the main screen, tap on the “Unlock Tethering” and sit back while itdoes its works.
5.When the unlocking operation is done, it brings out the pop up “Tethering Unlocked … Have Fun”, justenable your already created hotspot and connect the other device or PC.
6.Start browsing on every connected devicesHow to share or tether your internet connection to PC via USB cable or hotspot with the use of anapp(PDANet+ :RootingNOTRequired).
1.Make sure your hotspot is switched off to start with
2.Download and install PDANet+ for android here
3.Run the installed PDANet+ app. Note that to share the connection with a PC,you have to download the pdanet.exe file for PC installation.
4.On the PDANet Android app main screen, there are three options:-USB Tether-Bluetooth Server-Wifi Hotspot
5.Enable USB debuggingon your Android (from the “Developer Options”).
6.Activate the “USB Tether” option for best reliability and connect your USB cable to the PC.
7.Install the PDANet for PC (if not already installed) and confirm that it is connected to the phone.
8.Open the PDANet menu from the notification bar of your Windows and click on “Connect Internet (USB)”.
9.It will verify and authenticate your connection automatically and you will be connected via USB.After successful connection via USB, you can install Connectify on your PC and share the internet with other devices.How to Share/Tether your internet connection with another phone or pc via Wi-Fi Hotspot with manual configuration
1.Create a Wi-Fi hotspot on the main (primary) phone (running the Simple Server). Use default (no security hotspot or click to see how to create a secured Wi-Fi hotspot connection).
2.Now go to the other phone/device (secondary) and switch on the Wi-Fi to start searching for available network (ifyou have used the secured connection,click to show how to connect).
3.When connected, long press on the connected network name and then tap on “Modify Network”.
4.On the next screen, tap on the “ShowAdvanced Options” checkbox to open full settings.
5.On the proxy settings, select “Manual” (Tap on the “none” for the dropdown options to appear6.Configure as follows:-Proxy Hostname: Port: 8080Leave the rest and tap on “Save”Enjoy your browsing on all your connected phones/devices

Sunday, 15 May 2016

5 reasons y u shouldn't update your android phone

Since the Recent Update of Android Marshmallow to 6.0 comes with couple of improvements and Promising Features, These update is not for everyone out there as it comes with a lot of IssuesI have received hundreds of messages by fans complaining about numerous Challenges they faces After updating their Android Devices to Marshmallow 6.0.Well These Article is not convincing of you not to update your Device to Mashmalow 6.0 But to make you realize the whole issues that await after Updating.
1.Marshmallow Drains battery:Genuine Battery Drainage is one major issue of Marshmallow. I have received many complaints about battery drainage by my blog Readers.The best asnswer to what cause this genuine battery drainage is due to several background processes which Marshmallow featured.
2.Marshmallow app crashes or freezes:This is another issue associated with Marshmallow Update is random app crashes and occassionalfreezing which is attributed to mismatch API Issues.Marshmallow is API 23 and not all apps are compatible with it yet).
3.[b]Marshmallow randomly reboots Itself:This is a common issue that await you almost immediately after you have updated your device to 6.0 mostly when plugged into power.
4.Marshmallow Wi-Fi problems:With no reasonable explanation to this Marshmallow sometimes fails to locateWiFi network even when in WiFi Range.Though this can be fix by toggling the airplane mode and re scanning the network again. But must we have to gothrough all these every time?
5.Marshmallow data problems:You may start experiencing occassional data disconnection and in most cases the network data wouldn’t even come on.

how to unlock your modem without using a software

The Idea of Unlock our Internet Modemis now known to everybody, I Guess! Though some people without their Own PC Still find it hard to Unlock Modem because they need a Software to Generate the Unlock Code but the Good News is that their is good Website that offer Modem Unlock Codewhere you Provide your Modem IMEI Number only.Steps to Get Your Modem Unlocked Online*.Get your Modem and Look at the Back to Locate its IMEI Number, Usually*.Start with 35 e.g 352379420752120, Just Write down the Number and the*.Maker of the Modem e.g Huawei or ZTE.Click on any of this Link:for Huawei Modem / ZTE Modem*.Then you will see a Space for IMEI, Enter the Number at the Back of your*.Modem and then click on the Calculator Button.*.Your code will be Provided to You e.g Unlock: 37661250 or NCK = 37663240Now The Next Steps To Take!1.The Generating of the Code is always the Hardest Part of Modem Unlocking, What you have to do next is to Remove the SIM Card in your Modem and Insert another SIMCard that is different from the Network of the Modem e.g If the Modem is an MTN F@stlink Modem,You will have to Insert an AIRTEL Sim or GLO into the Modem and Plug it to your PC.2.Just wait, A Pop Up will come up requesting for your Unlock Code, Just Enter the Code you Generated from the Website e.g 37661250 and click on OK.3.Congratulation, Your Modem has been Unlocked and you can now Use it with any Network for Browsing! Note: Some people charge #500,#1000 or more, in order to unlock modem for people using this trick,Please appreciate by comment and don't forget to click on Share/Like button.

SOLUTIONS to applications not installed on android devices

Try to Reboot your phone: In a times like this the best thing to do is to reboot your device. Or just shut down, remove and reinsert your battery.=>You need to get read of other apps that you don't like or make use of just to make sure you have enough space to install the new app because if the available space is filled up you won't beable to install any heavy sized apps. => Recheck check the apk files you downloaded to be sure that the app is completely downloaded or copied => Try to check and reset app permissions on your phone which can be done by going to Settings>Apps>All>Menu key >Reset applicationpermissions or Reset app preferences.=> Consider Changing app installation location to Automatic or allow the system to decide.=> Be sure that the SD card is not connected or being used by another device such as your laptop or other gadgets.=> Remove, change your SD card or format it because i have seen where a mobile phone performs abnormal just because of the damaged SD card so tryexperimenting in many things to find a solution to your problem.=> Last but not the least is to totally wipe your device if you have a PC to backup you content then keep the phone clean Either by doing a factory reset under Settings or by doing a full wipe in recovery mode.I hope you have found solution to your problems but is you still nee more help kind comment below to allows us help you more on how to solve the problem of App not installed on your android phone./div>


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